DaguaFlo, ozontion, ozone, water treatment, Dagua, membrane filtration, membrane ultrafiltration Dagua offers a unique value proposition for local and international communities with large-scale drinking water treatment projects (from 5,000 to 500,000 m3/day). Delivering highly effective water purification and disinfection, Dagua’s ozone-membrane process occupies up to 40% less space than conventional coagulation systems. With coagulation eliminated from the treatment process, the DaguaFlo solution has a clear edge over the competition! To meet the needs of small- and medium-sized communities (500 to 5,000 m3/day), Dagua designs and manufactures prefabricated treatment plants that purify water to the most stringent quality standards. Available with or without housing, they are installed as a single unit between the source of the water to be treated and the distribution network. The plants are designed according to the specific parameters of a project and allow for an anticipated increase in water flow. Dagua also offers ozone generators for municipal and corporate applications such as the treatment of effluent, cleaning and the disinfection of industrial processes. Dagua's ozone generators represent an innovative solution for the replacement of chemical cleaners. Dagua also manufactures turnkey ozonation systems, with housing, measuring instruments and air and oxygen generation included. Our ultra-compact systems include a PLC for remote operation and monitoring. Drawing on years of R&D experience, Dagua has developed a patented process for the cleaning of ultrafiltration membranes using ozone microbubble technology. Ozone microbubbles are finely diluted in water to deeply clean capillaries and prevent membrane fouling. Dislodging accumulated solids without chemical cleansers, this process delivers significant cost savings. With this innovative technology, frequent downtimes for chemical cleanings are a thing of the past as well.

Treatment Process



DaguaFlo, ozontion, ozone, water treatment, Dagua, membrane filtration, membrane ultrafiltrationThe DaguaFlo solution uses proven and recognized technologies combined with a highly effective ozonation process. Ozone is a natural disinfectant gas manufactured by subjecting ambient air to an electrical field. An exceptionally powerful substance, ozone is known to be considerably more active than chlorine. That is why many major European and North American cities, including Montreal, Los Angeles and Paris , use ozone to treat their drinking water. Over the years, Dagua has developed leading-edge expertise in ozone generation and the diffusion of ozone in water for the development of water treatment systems that deliver unsurpassed performance.


Dagua’s unique patented treatment process involves an innovative combination of ozonation and membrane filtration. Conventional membrane filtration often presents significant technological challenges, including the excessive fouling of membranes, frequent chemical cleaning and unnecessary water loss through the regular maintenance of system components. The DaguaFlo solution lets you avoid all problems arising from the complex management of chemical products.



A major technological breakthrough: chemical-free treatment!

Dagua’s certified process requires no chemicals for its operation and regular maintenance, and uses only a small quantity of water (5 to 10 times less than some membrane alternatives) to clean plant components.

Unlike most alternative water treatment solutions, the DaguaFlo process uses no coagulants or flocculants to treat raw water, even when contaminant content is exceptionally high.

Even regular automated backwash cycles can be carried out chemical-free, using just air and small quantities of water. Plant operators will be especially glad to hear that our process generates no costly, unmanageable sludge or toxic waste.

With the DaguaFlo solution, chemicals, expensive handling and complex disposal infrastructures are all things of the past. Waste cleaning water can be returned untreated to the natural environment or to a settling tank.


These are just a few of the unique operational characteristics that open the door to multiple benefits for our clients.



Flow chart


DaguaFlo, ozontion, ozone, water treatment, Dagua, membrane filtration, membrane ultrafiltration

The DaguaFlo treatment process can include 4 or 5 filtration steps, depending on the profile of the water to be treated. The steps are as follows:

1) Prefiltration


2) Pre-ozonation


3) Membrane ultrafiltration for turbidity and pathogens removal


4) Post ozonation for desinfection


5) Ozone reactor for the diffusion of ozone in water







DaguaFlo, ozontion, ozone, water treatment, Dagua, membrane filtration, membrane ultrafiltration
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