Dagua, drinking water, service call, remote monitoring Dagua offers a unique value proposition for local and international communities with large-scale drinking water treatment projects (from 5,000 to 500,000 m3/day). Delivering highly effective water purification and disinfection, Dagua’s ozone-membrane process occupies up to 40% less space than conventional coagulation systems. With coagulation eliminated from the treatment process, the DaguaFlo solution has a clear edge over the competition! To meet the needs of small- and medium-sized communities (500 to 5,000 m3/day), Dagua designs and manufactures prefabricated treatment plants that purify water to the most stringent quality standards. Available with or without housing, they are installed as a single unit between the source of the water to be treated and the distribution network. The plants are designed according to the specific parameters of a project and allow for an anticipated increase in water flow. Dagua also offers ozone generators for municipal and corporate applications such as the treatment of effluent, cleaning and the disinfection of industrial processes. Dagua's ozone generators represent an innovative solution for the replacement of chemical cleaners. Dagua also manufactures turnkey ozonation systems, with housing, measuring instruments and air and oxygen generation included. Our ultra-compact systems include a PLC for remote operation and monitoring. Drawing on years of R&D experience, Dagua has developed a patented process for the cleaning of ultrafiltration membranes using ozone microbubble technology. Ozone microbubbles are finely diluted in water to deeply clean capillaries and prevent membrane fouling. Dislodging accumulated solids without chemical cleansers, this process delivers significant cost savings. With this innovative technology, frequent downtimes for chemical cleanings are a thing of the past as well.

After-sales Service



Dagua, drinking water, service call, remote monitoring

For Dagua, the mission of providing first-rate drinking water to the residents of client municipalities involves more than deploying leading-edge technology, no matter how robust. At Dagua, we believe that client support is essential for ensuring the effective, ongoing and safe supply of drinking water to the communities served. Dagua cannot, nor does it wish to, take the place of municipal officials in the management of water treatment plants. It does, however, take pride in offering exceptionally dynamic and structured support to all its clients.


Dagua is committed to providing client municipalities with an exceptional maintenance service, enabling them to assure superior quality drinking water for their residents with no equipment downtime. To do so, Dagua offers customers a flexible service contract, adapted to their specific needs and local realities. Every contract negotiated with a client may contain all or a selection of the following service elements:


Service calls

All service calls are carried out by a qualified Dagua technician and include the following:

  • Review of operating procedures
  • Response to questions from technicians
  • Training period
  • Calibration of measuring devices
  • Security system tests (emergency shutdown, water levels)
  • Mechanical adjustment of equipment (lubrication, flow rate, pressure, temperature)
  • Review of operating parameters with staff (turbidity, pressure, ozone residual, flow, pH, temperature, chlorine residual)

The number of service calls conducted annually is determined with the client municipality, according to staffing at the site and any specific support requirements that are identified.


24/7 Remote alarm monitoring and operational telephone support

Dagua offers a remote alarm monitoring service for the operation of the DaguaFlo system. This service is available 24/7. A Dagua representative receives alarm notification from the municipality via pager and carries out a computer check of the problem using the internet connection to the DaguaFlo central computer. As well, Dagua offers telephone support for the operation of the DaguaFlo system. This service is also available 24/7, with no limit on the number of calls for the duration of the contract.  


Service call report

Following every service call, the technician produces a complete handwritten report on the activities carried out during the visit, a copy of which is given to the operator. These reports cover the following elements:

  • Diagnosis of operating condition of equipment
  • Quality of treated water (pH, ozone residual, flow rate, turbidity, chlorine residual)
  • Instrument calibration points
  • Any corrective action taken
  • Any failures or nonconformities observed

Preventive maintenance parts

The service contract can also cover parts required for preventive maintenance. Based on the designated frequency and as a function of the preventive maintenance program, the Dagua technician will bring along any parts required for maintenance on service calls.


Performance indicator report

Once a month, Dagua produces a performance indicator report regarding the drinking water treatment system. The DaguaFlo programmable controller archives an average of all values every four hours. The performance indicators compiled include the following:

  • Temperatures of raw and treated water
  • Turbidites of raw water, after membranes and at chlorination
  • Transmembrane pressure
  • Flow of raw water, rinse water and treated water
  • Percentage recovery (raw water/treated water)
  • pH of treated water
  • Ozone residual
  • Chlorine residual in treated water

Every contract is offered on an annual basis or for a fixed period of 2, 3 or 5 years, according to the client’s needs.


Dagua, drinking water, service call, remote monitoring
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