Microbubble-based membrane cleaning process

Patented process

Leading-edge ozone expertise has enabled Dagua to patent a process for the use of ozone-containing microbubbles to clean ultrafiltration membranes.

Microbubbles are formed when water passes across the membranes. These microbubbles prevent the accumulation of particles and pollutants on the surface of the membrane’s capillaries.

With ozone generated continuously in the water, the self-cleaning action of the microbubbles keeps the ultrafiltration membranes unclogged at all times.

The primary benefit of this self-cleaning process is that it eliminates the need for chemicals (chlorine, acid and alkali) in the regular maintenance of ultrafiltration membranes. 

While competing technologies require powerful chemicals on a daily or weekly basis for membrane cleaning, the DaguaFlo process breaks new ground with a system that requires no more than one or two preventive chemical cleanings a year. 

Eliminating chemical cleaning agents from the filtration train not only promotes sustainable development, but offers considerable cost savings as well.