Small and medium flow rates

To meet the needs of small- and medium-sized communities (500 to 5,000 m3/day), Dagua designs and manufactures prefabricated treatment plants that purify water to the most stringent quality standards. Available with or without housing, they are installed as a single unit between the source of the water to be treated and the distribution network. The plants are designed according to the specific parameters of a project and allow for an anticipated increase in water flow.
Our units differ based on your desired usage and quantity of water. Each plant is designed with specific raw water treatment characteristics in mind.

The treatment flow rate depends primarily on the number of persons served and the average consumption of water/person/day.

DaguaFlo design drawings

In the municipal sector, the flow rate is also influenced by the needs of any industrial parks operating in the municipality. As a rule, Dagua designs its treatment plants to match the client’s specific flow rate requirements.

The following design drawings and photos illustrate various facilities adapted to different treatment flow rates.

Radisson project

Capacity: 740 m3/day

Montebello project

Capacity: 2,000 m3/day

Gracefield project

Capacity: 720 m3/day

Bryson project

Capacity: 640 m3/day

Fort-Coulonge project

Capacity: 2,000 m3/day

DaguaFlo mobile unit

To confirm the treatability of your water or to learn more about the DaguaFlo chemical-free process, you can now call on the services of our mobile unit.

Discover the efficiency and ease of operation of this treatment solution, in field conditions that are specific to your environment.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration under real operating conditions. We’re fully confident that the DaguaFlo solution will exceed all your expectations! !