Ozone Generators

Dagua's ozone generators

Dagua now offers municipal and private sector customers its high-efficiency ozone generators for tertiary wastewater treatment.

Dagua’s ozone generators use ceramic plate technology to provide greater wear performance, durability and ease of service than corona discharge systems.

This ultra-compact solution also has a footprint up to 4 times smaller than that of corona discharge systems with similar capacities.

The system uses a programmable logic controller for ease of operation and monitoring. Dagua’s highly flexible ozone generators have the added benefit of modular design, meaning that additional units can be connected in parallel to increase production capacity.

Technical specifications

Properties of Ozone

Ozone is a natural gas that is produced when oxygen is exposed to an electrical field. Widely used by municipalities in Europe and North America (e.g., Los Angeles, Montreal, Nice) for almost a century, ozone is considered to be the most powerful oxidizer available for safe water treatment and requires only a short contact time.

Ozone has a number of exceptional properties, including the following:

1. Disinfection, including the elimination of viruses, bacteria and coliforms in water

2. Reduction of metals concentrations (e.g., iron, manganese) by transforming them into precipitate form

3. Removal of cyanide

4. Odour elimination

5. Colour reduction

6. Oxygenation and revitalisation of water

7. Elimination of algae

8. Reduction of pharmaceuticals in water

Electric field (plasma) plate

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